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These children were rescued with your support

Your continued support will save more children like these

Photos of all rescued victims (especially children) as well as our ground personnel have been distorted to protect their identities. FSF takes the safety and security of survivors and our partners who risk their lives to recover them with the highest degree of caution.

Crisis in Northern Africa

North Africa has become a haven for human traffickers. Underground slave auctions take place regularly involving women, children and men. Victims are dragged off to become sex slaves, labor slaves or are murdered for their organs. Many of these victims are from persecuted religious minorities.

This is your chance to help us rescue families, save lives and help get innocent victims to safety.

When you donate to FSF, you are helping to support critical missions like this one. Our North African operations cost approximately $25,000 per month and have already led to the freedom of 121 victims. With your ongoing support, we can rescue all 3,000 innocent victims from a life of slavery, place them in a safe community where they can receive trauma care and begin to heal and rebuild their lives.

Northern Africa

Freedom Shield Stories

True Stories of Hope and Inspiration

A Life Saved

5 P.M. Tuesday evening a call came in. The frantic voice of a desperate grandmother on the other end began describing her worst nightmare. Her granddaughter had been taken by sex traffickers eager to make some money off of the girl. She was chasing them down the highway hoping not to lose sight of them. She needed help now!

A Glimpse of Trust

Iraq.  I’m sitting in a small room, barefoot, legs folded beneath me on a patterned cushion against a cool, barren wall.  A woman sits across from me, tries to smile as she sips her tea. She wears a traditional middle eastern robe but her headcover has been removed.  Her dark hair hangs free and tumbles over her blackened eye.

Shocking Truths

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