Welcome and thank you for visiting our brand new site.

Our organization has been involved in rescuing women and children from human trafficking for almost ten years.  We have worked in some of the most dangerous countries in the world countering human traffickers successfully.

Human trafficking is growing exponentially and has now become the second largest criminal enterprise in the world.  Over 40 million people, mostly women and children, suffer in the bonds of slavery each day.  Every morning they wake up in fear, never knowing what will happen to them, never knowing when it might be their last day on earth.

We have rescued thousands of victims over the past ten years.  But we have not made a dent in this growing plague.  We are turning to you for help.

Freedom Shield Foundation has hundreds of experts at its disposal.  We have networks to support our efforts in almost every country.  And there are millions of human slaves who need our help.

But we cannot expand our operations unless you are willing to join us.  Every operation, every rescue, every bed in a trauma care facility – each of these comes with a cost.  We want to respond to their needs, but we need your help.

No one deserves to live in the terror and abuse of human slavery.  Most of us will never know the fear and the horror of this world.  But it is coming closer to each of us, to our family members and our friends, each and every day.  If we don’t disrupt these criminal networks, they will continue to grow and to threaten even more women and children.

Please check out our site.  And please support Freedom Shield Foundation by going to our Donate page.

Thank you and may God bless you,


Rolando R. Lopez

Freedom Shield Foundation