Child Soldiers

A child soldier is anyone under the age of eighteen who is recruited into a military organization to act as a soldier, messenger, cook, informant, suicide bomber or sex slave.

One in six children live in areas of the world affected by war or armed conflict.  Ruthless terrorist organizations often prey upon those children, recruiting them into their armies by force, abduction or intimidation.

If parents or families are murdered or if they are separated from their families, the children become vulnerable to military ‘gangs’.  Unable to survive on their own, they have no choice but to join with whatever force is present.  These children are easily manipulated and brainwashed into doing horrific things because they are not yet mentally or emotionally mature enough to make responsible decisions.

It is estimated that up to 40 percent of the world’s armed forces use child soldiers in some capacity.  Although they are often associated with African conflicts, child soldiers are common in Afghanistan, Iraq, India, Thailand and the Philippines.

Freedom Shield Foundation investigates and identifies child soldier victims, both current soldiers and potential recruits.  We also identify the military groups that perpetrate this crime.  We assess each operation and determine our outcome in advance and then develop networks to free those being held.  We often use our background and extensive experience to conduct investigations in coordination with the National Police or Military in a given region.  We can and do assist the military in the rescue of child victims, reunite those victims with their families and provide trauma care as necessary.