Organ Trafficking

The shortage of transplant organs is an ongoing worldwide issue.  The demand for organs significantly exceeds the supply, making them a commodity to be bought and sold illicitly.  It is estimated that the black market organ industry is somewhere between $840 million and $1.7 Billion a year.

It is almost always the poor and vulnerable who are targeted.  Criminals use deceit and/or violence to force victims to provide organs.  Often kidneys or portions of the liver are taken from what is known as a so called ‘living donor’.

But the truth about organ trafficking can be far darker.  Every year thousands of people, often children, are murdered for their hearts, livers, kidneys, lungs and eyes. These black-market organs can end up in the operating rooms of highly respected hospitals in the developed world and in recipients who may not know the evil that occurred to obtain them.

Nearly a decade ago the World Health Organization estimated that 10% of all commercial transplants – transplants that involve payment for the organ – come from trafficking.

The most sought-after organ by far are kidneys.  They make up more than 40% of all organ transplant surgeries.  It is estimated that there are at least 10,000 kidneys sold on the black market every year and the difficulty in verifying illicit organs means this estimate could run much higher.

In something rarely reported in the media, Freedom Shield has uncovered the grisly, heart wrenching reality of terrorists like ISIS and Boko Haram stealing children.  Babies are literally ripped from the arms of desperate mothers and carried screaming into a tent from which they never return.  So called surgeons murder these young innocents in a ‘particular’ way that allows them to harvest the hearts, lungs, livers, kidneys and eyes.  The organs are then sold to fund their group and the bodies are thrown away.

Let’s be clear- this is happening right now, even as you read this!

Many incredible organizations are dedicated to the big picture of eradicating these practices through laws and educational awareness, but you can help immediately.  By donating now, you will help Freedom Shield hunt down these murderers and rescue innocent women and children.  Freedom Shield has been able to recover captive victims and deliver them to a safe community, provide trauma care and reunite them with their families.

Global government and humanitarian organizations have consistently set forth recommendations that governments must partner with the private sector in order to successfully eradicate black market organs.  Freedom Shield is a trusted government partner in many nations where trafficking is prevalent.  Freedom Shield also trains and equips local police and soldiers to combat organ trafficking and rescue victims.

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