Sex Trafficking

Sex Trafficking is one of the four main areas of human trafficking and is one of the largest criminal enterprises in the world.  Last year sex trafficking is estimated to have earned close to $100 billion.

Sex trafficking occurs when someone uses force, fraud or coercion to pressure a victim into having sex in return for some item of value.  The act itself can include prostitution, pornography or sexual performance which is done in exchange for money, drugs, shelter, food or clothing.

Victims are usually women and children who are coerced into a situation of dependency on their traffickers and then forced to provide sexual services to customers.  These victims live in difficult and dangerous situations, often filled with violence, abuse and degradation.

Freedom Shield works to identify both victims and perpetrators of sex trafficking.  We assess each situation on an individual basis and determine our outcome in advance of any operation we may undertake.  We develop networks to locate, track and recover identified victims and we conduct investigations using our extensive background and capabilities.  We often work with local law enforcement to rescue victims and reunite them with their families.  Finally, we provide trauma care to our recovered victims as needed.