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Vulnerable Orphans

Freedom Shield Foundation originally began in 2009 as Orphan Secure.  Our founder, Ro Lopez, became aware of the vulnerability of children being raised in orphanages in third world countries and decided to take action.  Working with a volunteer team of American wounded warriors from the Afghanistan and Iraq conflicts, he began to secure a small orphanage in Mexico near the U.S. border.

Over several weeks, his team drove from Dallas to Mexico each weekend where they assessed the issues using their backgrounds in security and law enforcement.  They changed out locks, installed bars on windows, built a safe room, set up intercom communications, developed crisis management plans, and generally did all of the necessary work to properly secure the site.  The soldiers also developed strong bonds with the local children.

Once the site was secured, word began to spread and dozens of other orphanages began to call for help.  Large Catholic and Christian charities began to reach out and now, 10 years later, Freedom Shield Foundation provides security for over 5,000 orphans in 7 different countries.