A Life Saved

A Life Saved

5 P.M. Tuesday evening a call came in. The frantic voice of a desperate grandmother on the other end began describing her worst nightmare. Her granddaughter had been taken by sex traffickers eager to make some money off of the girl. She was chasing them down the highway hoping not to lose sight of them. She needed help now!

It was my second day working for this organization that specialized in working with women who had been sexually exploited. Our focus was on providing aftercare services. We had no experience in rescue missions for victims. I attempted to redirect the grandmother to law enforcement but she knew with her granddaughter’s previous criminal record from being trafficked previously, calling them would force them to take action against the girl. I put the grandmother on hold and began asking the staff who we could call for help, but it seemed this was the first time we had received a call like this one. Then a co-worker remembered a man she recently met at a conference who happened to give her a business card. She was not clear on exactly what his organization did, but thought he was our only option. I took the card and called. The man answered immediately and I began telling him who I was and what was going on in hopes that he could help. He listened calmly and asked for a recent photo of the girl and her cell number if she had one. I quickly got the requested information from the grandmother on the other line and shared it with him. I reassured the grandmother that we were doing all we could to help her granddaughter and tried to no avail to convince her to not get involved with these dangerous men. As I spoke with her, women began arriving at my office for our weekly support group. I tried my best to put on a smile and remain calm and present for these women, all the while, praying constantly that this girl would be saved. 

5 P.M. turned into 9 P.M. Support group had wrapped up and I was eager to get an update on the situation. As I shut the door to my office, I immediately received a call from the man helping us. “Ma’am, I have the girl and the grandmother. We are at the Waffle House getting some food now. What do you want me to do with them?” I was in shock! My response was, “Thank you so much! You are an answered prayer. How the heck did you do that?” The man was Rolando R. Lopez and his organization was Freedom Shield. The girl was taken to a motel and was going to be murdered that night for punishment. Her life was literally saved that night. I knew this man, this organization were the real deal and we needed to become partners. 

Since then, we have worked together on countless cases and I recently joined the team at Freedom Shield. Combining our expertise into one organization, we are hopeful we will be able to rescue many more young girls, help them overcome the trauma they have endured and return them safely to their families. 

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