Operation: Zip Code

Freedom Shield Foundation is excited to launch its new Prevention Program targeting human trafficking through Operation: Zip Code.

It’s pretty simple .

No hunger… No trafficking.

Through partnerships with local churches, local businesses, schools, and other non-profits, FSF will target the most vulnerable zip codes in the DFW area, applying the same successful FSF international feeding tactics to the local problem of human trafficking.

By targeting zip codes within the DFW area with the highest rates of food insecurity, infant mortality, and crime, FSF will bring in large amounts of food to be packaged by thousands of volunteers and distributed through churches and other organizations to the local population within that zip code. Our goal is to feed the most vulnerable that are susceptible to recruitment by human traffickers by meeting one of their most basic needs. By feeding the hungry, we reduce their vulnerability to human trafficking.

FSF will then maintain partnerships within those vulnerable areas and continue to provide other counter human trafficking programming to ensure there is no resurgence of human trafficking in that zip code.