Our Mission

What We Do

Freedom Shield Foundation (FSF) and its operational partner rescue thousands of women and children from human trafficking and provide advanced trauma care to the survivors whom we rescue.  We also provide training and resources to those involved in the fight against trafficking both nationally and internationally.

About Freedom Shield Foundation

Freedom Shield Foundation is one of the most effective anti-trafficking organizations in the world.  Since our inception in 2009, we have rescued thousands of victims from human slavery.

Founded in Dallas, Texas, by former FBI Special Agent Rolando Lopez, FSF’s mission is to fund four critical aspects of human trafficking and religious minority persecution both domestically and internationally:

  • The rescue of trafficked women and children
  • World-class trauma care for our recovered victims
  • Resources and training for local, state, federal and international governments, churches, and civilians to combat human trafficking and provide aftercare and trauma recovery services.
  • Rescue and security for victims of religious persecution worldwide.

FSF actively combats all four areas of human trafficking including:

  • sex trafficking
  • black market organ trafficking
  • child soldiers
  • labor trafficking

What sets FSF apart is our ability to provide boots-on-the-ground rescue operations and immediate trauma care for recovered victims.

FSF consults regularly with governments in the regions of Latin America, the U.S., SE Asia, and the Middle East to formulate anti-trafficking strategies.

We also protect more than 5,500 orphans in 14 nations and provide security solutions for orphanages in high-risk regions.

Freedom Shield Foundation is a 501(c) 3 non-profit organization (formerly known as Freedom’s Shield).

You can help us eliminate dangerous traffickers and build a pathway to freedom for their victims.  An average of 1500 covers the cost of rescue and restoration for victims