Religious Persecution

Freedom Shield Foundation Rescue Networks

FSF Rescue Networks work endlessly to find and recover victims of human trafficking regardless of race, religion or ethnicity.

Rescuing those affected by religious persecution is a particularly heinous area. Extremist groups like ISIS and Boko Haram often torture and mutilate their victims. Women and children are readily passed around for forced marriages, rape, and sexual abuse amongst their group’s members.

FSF’s Rescue Networks include the world’s foremost experts on counterterrorism and extremist groups. Our mission’s focus is on the rescue of captives (most of whom are women and children) and then placing them in safe communities where they will have support and trauma care to help rebuild their lives and reunite with their families. Our largest operation is currently run from Iraq allowing FSF to reach those in need within the Middle East and Africa.
FSF has been highly active in the plight of the Iraq-based Yazidi people (followers of an ancient monotheistic religion) who were massacred and enslaved by ISIS in 2014 attacks that the UN designated as a genocide.

While many governments claim victory over ISIS today, Some Yazidis remain imprisoned in northern parts of Syria held by jihadist militants. FSF Networks continue to operate to help bring these women and children home.

Click on the story below to read about a young girl (Martine) and a woman (Layla) who were both rescued through FSF Rescue Networks. Their harrowing accounts of being captives of ISIS soldiers governed by a twisted doctrine at the height of their power will shake you to your core.

Your generous donation to FSF will help fund critical expansion of our FSF Rescue Networks as religious persecutions continue to rise with an evil boldness across the globe.