What Sets FSF Apart

FSF provides boots-on-the-ground rescue operations and immediate trauma care for recovered victims of human trafficking.

Global Network

FSF utilizes highly trained individuals from investigative and intelligence agencies around the world to locate and recover victims of trafficking.

Where We Serve

FSF Currently operates in 7 regions around the world including the U.S., SE Asia, Latin America and the Middle East


FSF protects more than 5,500 orphans in 14 nations and provides security solutions for orphanages in high-risk regions.

Freedom Shield Foundation and its operational partner supports the recovery of innocent victims from sex trafficking, labor trafficking, organ trafficking and child soldiers.  We have been involved in this quest for 10 years and have rescued thousands of women and children around the globe.  Last year alone, we recovered 709 victims of human trafficking, many of them from horrific situations in some of the most dangerous regions on earth.

We are grateful to our volunteers who come from different walks of life, many of whom volunteer for dangerous missions in foreign countries. Utilizing their expertise and other training afforded to them, they give of their time in order to save others.  Without their love and support, we would not be able to carry on the work that we are so passionate about.