Compassion Program

FSF works to encourage resiliency and post trauma thriving for recovered victims through psycho-education, coping skills, art and activity therapies, and ongoing support groups. We also equip and train survivors to help others.

Training Survivors

FSF aims to empower our rescued survivors around the world with educational, vocational, and economic opportunities that provide a post-trauma pathway to freedom.

You Can Help

Learn to identify and help trafficking victims in your area. Visit our site regularly for upcoming training events.

Freedom Shield Foundation provides the world’s most advanced trauma care for victims of human trafficking who are recovered by our teams.  Trafficking victims often suffer from particular and severe issues that are endemic to their circumstances.  These issues must be confronted in a loving and supportive manner that allows the victim to begin to reconnect with the world in an atmosphere of peace and safety.

Our programs have been developed over nine years of devoted work and we have seen amazing results in terms of recovery and restoration.  At this time we do not offer these services to anyone other than victims who are recovered by our teams.  However, we do offer training programs to hospitals, schools, support groups, etc.

If you are interested in learning more about our training programs, please contact us via email at: